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Do we really have a democracy or is it an illusion?

ACHES was set up to promote, enhance and protect human and environmental wellbeing, including simple ways in which we can all support one another. ACHES aims to ensure those in power respect human dignity, health and individual rights. Many feel that in the area of 5G mast planning applications true democracy is being ignored.

Society: Controlled or Free?


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Is our future being planned without our consent?

And what about 5G – Is it really safe?

Typical 5G mast in a street
Mobile 5G
A picture says a 1000 words
Physicians Against 5G
(Forbes 2021)
mW (milliWatt)
This is the combined output of a 5G mast array ICNIRP guidance is 1mw/cm2
Each 5G mast requires approximately 3x more power than a 4G mast (as much as 73 typical homes)

Will we look back and view 5G in the same way as Asbestos and Smoking?

Asbestos Baking Paper Magazine Advert
1950s Vintage Cigarette advertising

Telecom Mast Radio Frequency Hazard Warning Sign